BLM BLM Human Capital Management Intranet Design, Build 4
The Math Clinic The Math Clinic, Inc. Design, Build 2
LM&O Advertising LM&O Advertising Design, Build 2
Blue Ridge Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Center Design, Build 2
St. James' Episcopal St. James' Episcopal Church Design, Build 2
CYSS Events CYSS Events Design, Build 2
Asian Marketing Services Asian Marketing Services Design, Build 4
Metro Opens Doors Metro Opens Doors Campaign Design 2
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Design 4
Hair Designs Hair Designs Day Spa & Salon Design, Build 3
Rape No More Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign Design, Build 3
Permanent-Line Permanent-Line Design, Build 3
Ai Collaborative Ai Collaborative, Inc. Design, Build 3
Live the River! Live the River! Design, Build 2
Ashburn Sports Ashburn Sports Design, Build 2
The Ballroom The Ballroom Studio Design, Build, Manage, Host 3
Sahara Communications Sahara Communications Design, Build, Manage 2
Virginia Ground Covers Virginia Ground Covers Design, Build, Manage, Host 3
Wingate Wingate Contracting Services Design, Build, Manage, Host 4
T & T Computers T & T Computers, Inc. Design, Build, Host 3

Planning & Consultation

What does it take to get a site going? Where do you start? What content do you need? Where will you host the site? Should it be static pages or database driven? What about e-Commerce? These are the areas in which we will explore as part of our planning session.

If there is an existing site, we invest our own time to analyze and compile questions. The answers to these questions would then be used to devise a customized site development plan and a cost projection.

An effective web site development undertaking is no different from any other project. It must be planned and executed with care and diligence. Our experience with building simple sites to sophisticated database-driven content sites enable us to take our client painlessly from start to launch.

UI/UX Design

Our aim is to create clean, uncluttered, interface designs. We strive to make a site as intuitive as possible.

We take pride in our design activities to produce a overall design that portray our client's image and message by understanding our clients and their business. Then it is in the careful choice of colors to fitting images and texture. Then we neatly compose a balanced layout to represent the essence of our client's business.

Just as the cloth often time makes the person, in the digital world, it is the site that brings out the best of an organization. Let us bring a fresh perspective to your digital facade.

Programming & Implementation

We specialize in developing well-enginreered web sites. We produce clean, polished code. We are jQuery fans and actively look for opportunities to integrate its functionalities in our work. Our developed sites are CSS-based and are verified on popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

We draw on our software engineering experience to develop database-driven websites complete with custom-developed content management system with WYSIWYG content editor. We have completed numerous e-commerce projects involving real-time credit card payment using both online merchant gateways as well as Paypal merchant service.

Aside from implementing our own design creations, we work equally effective with premier design firms to transform their completed artwork into functioning web sites. These include projects for associations, government agencies, as well as commercial businesses.

Hosting & Support

To provide a complete solution to our client, we provide web site hosting and management services. Our hosting solutions include our own dedicated leased server through national Tier-I Internet service providers. This means 24x7 technical support, 99.5 percent or better guaranteed up time, state-of-the-art equipment and software, and one-hop connectivity to the Internet. We also provide long-term contents management and technical support to our clients on an as-needed basis.